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Call for Papers
The annual international conference ICCBI 2024 aims to improve the intersection of Computer networks, Big data and IoT. The Conference's primary goal is to explore and share cutting-edge research knowledge in preparation for future long-term collaboration. It is strongly encouraged to conduct research on the tools, methodologies, practises, and applications of Computing and Communication technologies.
Internet of Things
  • AI and Machine Learning for the IoT
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in IoT
  • Smart Sensing, Signal Processing and Analytics
  • Human-Machine Interaction and IoT
  • M2M/IoT Services over Distributed Networks
  • Cloud/Fog/Edge-enabled Big Data Intelligence over IoT
  • 6G-Enabled Internet of Things
  • Security, Privacy, Intrusion Detection for the Internet of Things
Big Data
  • Multi-Modal Perceptual Big Data Analysis
  • Intelligent Data Mining
  • Machine Learning on Big Data
  • Data Science and Scalable Computing
  • Predictive Analytics and Simulation
  • Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Platform and Technologies
  • Big Data System Reliability, Dependability, and Availability
  • Knowledge Extraction, Discovery, and Analysis
  • Security and Privacy-Aware Data Management
Cloud Computing
  • Cloud-centric Network Architectures
  • Social and Mobile Cloud Applications
  • Cloud Service Adaptation and Automation
  • Fault Tolerance, Availability, and Reliability
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies to Cloud
  • Sustainable Cloud Computing
  • Hybrid-clouds/Multi-clouds/Terminal-Edge-Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Computing Virtualization