2nd International Conference on Computer Networks, Big Data and IoT (ICCBI 2019)

19, 20 December 2019

2018 ICCBI Springer Publication link

Skype ID: ICCBI 2018

Data Communication and Computer Networks:

• Network Based Applications

• Network Security

• Next Generation Web

• Recent Trends in Computer Networks

• Wireless and Adhoc Network

• Wireless Multimedia systems

• Cryptography

• High Speed Networks

• Mobile Computing

• Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN

• Optical Networking

Internet of Things:

• IoT Big Data Analysis

• IoT Device and Network Domain Technologies

• IoT Sensing Things Technology and Applications

• Cloud Computing and IoT

• Crowd-Sourcing and Opportunistic IoT

• Data Analytics and Decision Automation

• Data Management in IoT

• Efficient Resource Management Based on IoT

• End To End/Machine to Machine (M2M) Protocols

• Knowledge-Based Discovery of Devices in the IoT

• Ontologies Describing IoT Devices and Their Use

• Provenance and Usage in the IoT

• Security, Trust, Privacy and Identity in the IoT

• Situational Awareness through Context Modeling In    IoT

• User-Oriented, Context-Aware IoT Services

• Scalability and Robustness for Internet of Things

• Modeling and Communicating Transparency in IoT

• IoT Application Scenarios

• Performance Evaluation of IoT Technologies

Wireless Communication:

• Localization for wireless networks

• Network estimation and processing techniques

• Mesh, relay, sensor and ad hoc networks

• Mobility, location, and handoff management

• Mobile and wireless IP

• Wireless multicasting, routing

• Robust routing

• Multimedia QoS and traffic management

• Wireless broadcast, multicast and streaming

• Congestion and admission control

• Proxies and middleware for wireless networks

• Wireless network security and privacy

• Performance of E2E protocols over wireless networks

Big Data:

• Big Data Models and Algorithms

• Big Data Architectures

• Big Data Management

• Big Data Security and Privacy

• Quality of Big Data Services

• Big Data Search, Mining, and Visualization

• Big Data Applications

• Enabling Resources for Big Data Research

• Special Track on Real-Time Big Data Analytics

• Special Track on Big Data/Smart Cities

Cloud Computing:

• Cloud Infrastructure

• Cloud as a Service

• Cloud Management and Operations

• Cloud Security

• Performance, scalability, and reliability

• Systems software and hardware

• Data Analytics in Cloud

• Software Eng. Practice for Cloud

• Cloud Applications

• Cloud Economics