Call for Paper

Track 1: Computer Networks, Big Data and IoT

Publication in Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies.

Data Communication and Computer Networks
Network Based Applications Network Security
Next-Generation Web
Future Computer Networks
Wireless and Adhoc Networks
Wireless Multimedia Systems
High-Speed Networks
Mobile Computing
Mobile Networks and Wireless LAN
Optical Networking

Internet of Things
Big Data Analytics
Device-to-Device and Networking Technologies
Sensor Networks
Cloud Computing
Crowd-Sourcing and Opportunistic Networks
Data Analysis and Decision Automation
Large-Scale Data Management
Efficient Resource Management Techniques
Peer-to-Peer/Machine-to-Machine Protocols
User-Oriented and Context-Aware IoT Devices
Network Scalability and Robustness
Modeling and Communication Transparency
Performance Evaluation Techniques

Wireless Communication
Network Localization Techniques
Wireless Network Estimation and Processing
Sensor and Ad-hoc Networks
Network Mobility and Handoff Management
Mobile and Wireless IP
Wireless Multicasting and Routing
Multimedia QoS and Traffic Management
Network Congestion and Control
Wireless Network Security and Privacy
Performance of E2E Network Protocols

Big Data
Models and Algorithms
Big Data Analysis Architectures
Data Management, Security and Privacy
Data Mining and Visualization
Real-time Big Data Analytics
Big Data in Smart City Models and Applications

Cloud Computing
Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Management and Operations
Cloud Security and Privacy
Performance, Scalability and Reliability
Cloud-based Data Analytics
Software Engineering Practices

Track-2: Cognitive and Computational Paradigms for Next-Gen Social Networks

Publication in Lecture Notes in Social Networks

  • Computational intelligence and social media and networking systems
  • Big data and data analytics for large-scale social networks
  • Automated Social big data analytics approach
  • Deep learning algorithms to build intelligent and personalized recommender systems
  • Internet of Cognitive Things
  • Fuzzy and bio-inspired computing paradigms
  • Smart data surveillance and security in social network platforms
  • Digital data management and access control techniques
  • Cognitive agents for social network applications
  • Ubiquitous, autonomous and secure recommender systems for social networks
  • Crowdsourcing and crowd sensing on discussing the contents of the pandemic disease spread like COVID-19
  • Adaptive neural networks for social networks paradigm
  • Machine learning and understanding of social big data
  • Applied soft computing approaches for social network security analysis
  • Case studies and innovative applications